Hopkins Lectures 2017


We are proud to include some wonderful lectures from Hopkins Festival 2017 in our Hopkins Archive. Watch this space as we gather them up and get them online.

Berryman’s High Regard for Gerard Manley Hopkins

Patrick Samway, S.J. Professor Emeritus of English, Saint Joseph's University

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Dark Mind, Light Soul: A Reassessment of Hopkins’ ‘Terrible Sonnets’

Robert Smart, Quinnipiac University

Rather than reflecting a spiritual failure on Hopkins’ part, a final anguished and unanswered call for connection with his god or a deep personal depression, Professor Robert Smart argues that Hopkins' Terrible Sonnets represent an aesthetic crisis, a period in which Hopkins’ reliance on a received, neo-Romantic lexicon to express his grasp of God’s work needed to change as his materials and self-understanding grew.


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Neurosis, Gerard Manley Hopkins and Art

Desmond Egan, Poet, Founder and Artistic Director of The Gerard Manley Hopkins Festival

Desmond Egan wonders if there there is a necessary connection between Literature and neurosis? A necessary connection, that is; not an accidental one. Art is created by people who have the usual limitations that flesh is heir to. This truism is often overlooked when the link between art and illness comes up for discussion - hence that opening quotation from Illness is part of life. It is an experience which, like any other, will have an influence on the artist.

monch Edvard Munch: The Scream

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