Hopkins Lectures 2015


US Ambassador, Opening Address Hopkins Festival 2015 here

British Ambassador, Dominick Chilcott Lecture

In 2015, we were honoured to have Professor Yasuhiro Yamada, Japan Representative of Hopkins Society of Japan, Kansai from Nanzan University Nagoya, give us a most informative presentation of Hopkins in Japan.
Here you can explore his lecture together with his powerpoint presentation

Jesus of Nazareth a Prophet Betrayed
Plenary Lecture Hopkins International Festival, 2015

James P Mackey

The most substantial resource for the history of the prophet from Nazareth is provided in what is called the New Testament section of the Bible, in what must be recognised as a collection, made and re-made in the early years, of the oral memoirs and cherished writings of different groups of Christ followers, until by an equally long sequence of acceptance and culling, a selection of the best attested sections was authorised and called the New Testament. Read on Jesus of Nazareth, Prophet Betrayed ...

“ Only Connect” – a natural anxiety in Hopkins’s poetry of landscape

Jane Chilcott ( BA Oxon )

Jane Chilcott sees Gerard Manley Hopkins’s need to fall in love, to connect, with a landscape or wild creature as a means of displacing other desires, his struggles with his faith and with unspecified, but easily guessed at, temptations of the flesh and spirit.

Read about anxiety in Hopkins's Landscape Poetry

The Man from Petrograd: Bridges and Hopkins’ Poems of 1918

William Adamson University of Ulm Germany

Robert Bridges seems to have dealt with Hopkins’ poetry in a cavalier manner from the poet’s death until he published Hopkins’ poetic works in 1918 and had done little to make the poetry accessible to the reading public. Adamson examines this question in a follow-up to an earlier lecture on Hopkins and Bridges.

Read Adamson on the question of Robert Bridges's delays in publishing his friend, Hopkins' poetry in 1918 here


GM Hopkins Sermons - Priest, Preacher and Poet

Bruno Gaurier, Hopkins scholar and translator

To mark the publication of his French translation of Hopkins Sermons, award winning translator, Bruno Gaurier, introduced Hopkins, Poet, Priest and Preacher.

Explore Hopkins Poet, Priest and Preacher here

What was Hopkins’ favourite poem? St Winefred's Well?

Lance Pierson

In the UK Hopkins Society we sometimes ask readers of our Journal to tell us their favourite Hopkins poem. But what was Hopkins’ own favourite? Not the one he thought was the best (that was The Windhover), but the one he liked best, and cared most about. I venture to suggest it was one that very few people have even heard of – his unfinished play St Winefred’s Well (StWW). Explore Lance Pierson's exploration of St Winifred's Well here



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