Hopkins Festival 2018


Hopkins Festival 2018 - the best yet!

Dates:July 20 -26 2018

Where: Newbridge College Kildare Ireland

A week-long festival celebrating GERARD MANLEY HOPKINS, his interests: Poetry Painting, Music
Visual Arts, Philosophy Conservation and his mentor John Henry Newman.

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31st Gerard Manley Hopkins International Conference
Newbridge College, Ireland,
July 20 - 26 2018

Past Programmes available for your
perusal here

While we are getting our packed 2018 Programme together, you may like to
check our Past Hopkins Festival Programmes in our Archive - every year
since 1987 for your perusal.

Check out some 2017 Lectures

Robert Smart (Quinnipiac Univ.): Hopkins's Terrible Sonnets;
Desmond Egan on Art and Neurosis;
Patrick Samway: John Berryman and the Hopkins Influence.

Read more here.


Newbridge for a week packed with Music, Poetry Readings (especially the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins); Field-Trips including our Maynooth University Day.

Join Poetry Readings each evening. (Check our Programme for details).

Why not check out our innovative Multi-lingual Translation Workshop. Yes, multilingual. A group of enthusiasts representing many world languages come together to work on a preselected Hopkins Poem. You are welcome to join us. Download As Kingfishers Catch Fire here and try your hand at translating. Any language you like!

Each morning, there are lectures mainly focussed on aspects of Hopkins poetry. Details on our downloadable 2017 Programme here.
Enjoy Poet Philip Brady poem on our Riverside Walk ably led by Michael Jacob

Download Hopkins Festival 2017 here

Enjoy a packed week of Music, Lectures, Field-trips and more. All welcome. Full programme available
for download soon. Full Programme now available here (acrobat format) Download the Hopkins
International Literary Festival Programme here Hans Pålsson Classical Concert Saturday 22nd

Registration for full 2018 Festival €350 .
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Sat. July 22nd 2017 Newbridge College Theatre Gala Concert


Classical Music Concert 2017

Hans Pålsson Pianist

hans palsson

Programme Saturday June 22nd. Check out full
Pålsson Concert Programme here
Concert Tickets 25 euros available here

The Guardian, London:

Hans Pålsson played Beethoven with a rapt feeling for the music´s own innate momentum…In Debussy he confirmed that he does not lack for fireworks either...Hans Pålsson played Beethoven with a rapt feeling for the music´s own innate momentum…In Debussy he confirmed that he does not lack for fireworks either...

Il Giornale, Milan:

Hans Pålsson played Beethoven with a rapt feeling for the music´s own innate momentum…In Debussy he confirmed that he does not lack for fireworks either...The important thing for Pålsson is to penetrate the logic and structure of the compositions, but also to provide an atmosphere of darkly romantic depth, often cloaked in a meditative and evocative chiaroscuro…Pålsson´s performance distinguished itself by its intensity and expressiveness. His power of interpretation, concentrated from beginning to end, plunged the audience into nearly religious emotion

The Millbrook Independent, New York :

Hans Pålsson played Beethoven with a rapt feeling for the music´s own innate momentum…In Debussy he confirmed that he does not lack for fireworks either...The greatest piano concert I´ve ever attended. ...dexterous, virtuoso fluidity...interior yearning pathos. Pålsson´s interpretive phrasing was masterly. He combined deep dramatic interiority that appeared spiritual with such clarity of phrasing, so that the sound of each note had its own texture and volume of weight. The audience left brimming with astonishment and joy. Hearing him play in concert may possibly change the way you listen to music ... Read more

smileyClassical Concert Tickets 25 euros

Traditional Irish Music Concert

Diarmuid Johnson (flute) and Brid Harper (fiddle)

Newbridge College Theatre Wednesday July26th; 8 pm

diarmuid johnson

Diarmuid Johnson Flute

Diarmuid Johnson, writer and musician, scholar and artist, since the 1980s, has been traveling and working in Ireland, Wales and Brittany, and in Germany, Poland and Romania.

Experiences in these places, and strong ties with people who live in them, inform a rich, contemporary narrative expressed by and elaborated with pen, flute, and camera.

Johnson learned to play music in Galway in the early 70s when he attended whistle classes with a young fiddler named Frankie Gavin who taught him The Green Fields of Rossbeigh. In recent years he has played and recorded with musicians from several countries, including Germany, Poland and Romania. Read more ...

brid harper

Bríd Harper Fiddle

Bríd is an Irish traditional fiddle player from Castlefinn, Co. Donegal. She won numerous under-age All Ireland titles and other prestigious fiddle awards. Brid has been hailed as one of the leading exponents of traditional fiddle playing of our time.

The Irish Music Magazine
'Gorgeous fiddling – no other word for it. ... If you want to hear complete control, rich expression, and a great range of fiddle tunes from Ireland, Scotland and North America, this album will definitely hit the spot.

The Irish Echo

Bríd Harper is one of the finest fiddlers in traditional music. She has played since she was 9 and is a fiddler of great achievement ... Harper’s playing is attracting some compelling buzz in Ireland and it is extremely easy to see why: it is a fantastic collection of beautiful fiddle playing given tasteful support by a handful of top players in the music. Read more about Brid Harper, Fiddler ...

smileyTraditional Irish Music Concert Tickets €15

Maynooth Day & Festival Banquet 2017

Maynooth College

Sunday July 23rd 2017

14.00 BUS for Maynooth (names in advance to Festival Organiser, Mary Parsons. If you have not registered for the Festival week, don't forget to book online before Friday July 21st. ) leaving from Newbridge Silver car park and from Parish Church ... and more

Thank you.

Programme Highlights:

Hopkins Youth Programme 2017

The 2017 Hopkins Youth Programme runs parallel to the International Hopkins Literary Festival. Participants are welcome to interact with the main Programme. Read more

Youth Programme Director: Derek Egan Contact Derek

Derek Egan, former School Principal and teacher who has led the Hopkins Youth Programme since 2000.

Saturday 22nd July

9.00 Registration and preview of the week’s programme

9.45 …. Words & Music Workshop Conor Mahony (Musician/songwriter)

10.45 …. Coffee with the Festival participants

11.15 …. Creative Writing Workshop Desmond Egan (Poet and author)

12.15 …. A students’ introduction to Hopkins and his Poetry Conor Mahony

1.00 …. Lunch

2.00 …. An Approach to Poetry – Session 1 Will Adamson (Head of English Dept., Uni. of Ulm, Germany)

3.00 …. Dramatic Reading St. Winefred’s Well – an unfinished play by G.M. Hopkins

4.00 …. Finish

Sunday 23rd July

Maynooth Day – optional for students. If you are interested in coming along please give in your name beforehand.

2.00 …. Bus for Maynooth College departs from Newbridge Silver car park

See above for Day's Programme

Monday 24th July

10.00 …. An Exploration of Shakespeare for the Leaving Certificate Jenny Adamson (Licentiate, London School of Music & Drama)
11.10 …. Coffee
11.30 …. Making Documentary Films – The view from behind the camera Jim Kelly, (Filmmaker KTWU TV Station, Kansas)

12.15 …. Writing your own poem – Session 1 Will Adamson

1.00 …. Lunch

2.00 …. Ceramics Workshop Eleanor Swan (award-winning ceramicist)

eleanor swan

Ceramicist, Eleanor Swan, takes a break ourside her Studio in Russborogh House. Eleanor leads the
Ceramcics Workshop for the 2017 Hopkins Youth Programme.

3.30 …. Reception:A taste of Japan – reception sponsored by the Gerard Manley Hopkins Society of Japan with
Japanese refreshments saké, tea, sweets etc.

4.00 …. Finish

Tuesday 25th July

10.00 …. An Approach to Poetry – Session 2

11.15 …. Coffee

11.45 …. Some Poems of John Keats Desmond Egan (Poet and author)

12.15 …. An Fhilíocht don Ardteist Derek Egan (former Dept. of Ed. Irish examiner)

1.00 …. Lunch

2.00 …. Just what is a Haiku? Ban’ya Natsuishi (Meiji Uni. Director, World Haiku Association)

2.30 …. Festival Lectures
Dublin 1848 to 1889 Christine Kinealy (Quinnipiac Uni.) USA
Dark Mind, Light Heart: Reassessing the Terrible Sonnets Robert Smart (Quinnipiac Uni.)

3.30 …. Writing your own poem – Session 2

4.00 …. Finish

Wednesday 26th July

10.00 …. Writing your own poem – Session 3

10.30 …. Multilingual Translation Workshop – focusing on Hopkins’s poem As Kingfishers Catch Fire (Your own choice of language group to work with)
Download your copy of As Kingfishers ... here and set to work in your choice of language !

Join our Multilingual Translation Workshop!

11.15 …. Coffee

11.45 …. Multilingual Translations Workshop continues

1.00 …. Lunch

2.00 …. My Favourite Poem -- Students discuss their favourite poem in the company of an international panel

2.45 …. Writing a Short Story – Conor Bowman (author and President of the G. M. Hopkins Society)

4.00 …. Finish

Thursday 27th July

10.00 …. An Approach to Poetry – Session 3

11.00 …. Coffee

11.30 …. Writing your own poem – Session 3

12.00 …. Reading Your Poem in Public Jenny Adamson

12.30 …. Your poem

1.00 …. Lunch

2.00 …. An Approach to Poetry – Session 4

3.15 …. Presentation of student awards and certificates – Parents welcome!

4.00 …. Finish

hans palsson
Swedish Pianist, Hans Palsson, discusses his Programme with participants in 2015 Youth Programme


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