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DESMOND EGAN Poet: Bibliography

Desmond Egan,Poet, a bibliography, reviews, literary criticism and poetry by Desmond Egan in English,Italian,Japanese,Russian,German,Croat,Czech, French as well as multimedia publications and translations from Greek. This bibliographical reference gives an overview of Desmond Egan poetry and writings.

Literary Criticism

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Desmond Egan Poetry in English

Egan, Desmond. 1972. Midland Newbridge, Ireland:Goldsmith Press.With drawings by Brian Bourke (out of print)

Egan. Desmond. 1972. Poiemata, Readings in Poetry and Prose for Young People, chosen by Egan, Rice. Dublin: Fallons. (out of print)

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(out of print).

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Egan. Desmond 1989. A Song for my Father. Newbridge, Ireland: The Kavanagh

Egan. Desmond 1992. Peninsula, Poems of the Dingle Peninsula. Newbridge, Ireland: The Kavanagh Press.Buy now in poetry bookshop

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drawings by Brian Bourke (out of print)

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Egan. Desmond 1994. In the Holocaust of Autumn - a sequence in eight parts with an Epilogue. Newbridge, Ireland: Goldsmith Press. (Available also in a French bililingual edition. See below)

Egan. Desmond 1995 Elegies. Newbridge, Ireland: Goldsmith Press.
Read Dr. Serpillo's Review of Desmond Egan's Elegies

Egan. Desmond 1997. Famine Newbridge, Ireland: Goldsmith Press. (Available also in French and in Italian bilingual editions. See below).

Egan Desmond 2000 Music Newbridge, Ireland: Goldsmith Press.

Egan Desmond 2001 The Hill of Allen Newbridge, Ireland: The Goldsmith Press

Egan Desmond 2005 The Outdoor Light Newbridge, Ireland: The Goldsmith Press.

Egan Desmond 2010 Athlone Limited Edition of 40 copies, hand-tooled leather cover; 240 Italian paper; signed and numbered with a new poem in manuscript; photographs Noel Finnerty.

Desmond Egan Prose Publications

Death of Metaphor: Essays 1990 Colin Smyth

The Bronze Horseman Desmond Egan 2008 The Goldsmith Press.

Translations by Desmond Egan into English from Greek

Egan. Desmond 1998. Sophocles:Philoctetes (from Classical Greek) Translated by Desmond

Egan. Newbridge, Ireland: Goldsmith Press.

Egan. Desmond 1991. Euripides - Medea. Translated from Classical Greek by Desmond Egan. St. Andrews Press, USA /The Kavanagh Press.

Desmond Egan: Poetry Books in Translation

Desmond Egan Poems in Czech

Egan. Desmond 1997. Smilujse nad basnikem. Translated into Czech by Ivana Bozdechova. Introduction: Miroslav Holub.Czechoslovakia: Volvox Globator.

Desmond Egan Poems in Croatian

Egan Desmond 2009. Christ in Connaught Street. Dual-language. Translation and Introduction Nikola Duretic and Andy Jelcic.

Poems in Chinese

Desmond Egan 2008, September Dandelion, dual-language English and Chinese, translated by Jin Wenning (University of Shanghai) with Prologue by Hu Yun Yuan.

Desmond Egan Poems in Dutch

Egan. Desmond 1990. Echobogen - Echoarches. Translated into Dutch by Peter Nijmeijer. Louvain, Belgium: Leuvense Schrijversaktie.

Desmond Egan Poems in Japanese

Egan. Desmond 1995. Paper Cranes translated into Japanese Japanese by Yasukawa, Wada, Sekine.Suita, Osaka: Kansai University Press.

Desmond Egan Poems in French

Egan. Desmond 1988. Terre et Paix - Poemes d'Irlande. Translations into French French. Introduction by Patrick Rafroidi. Lille, France: Presses Universitaires
de Lille.

Egan Desmond 1995 1996 Peninsula traduit de l'anglais pas Jean-Paul Blot postface de Danielle Jacquin Edition bilingue. France, Fédérop 24400 Eglise-Neuve d'Issac 1992 pour la traduction en français ISBN 2.85792.140.3

Egan. Desmond 1998. Holocauste de l'automne - suite en huit partie et un Épilogue / In the Holocaust of Autumn - a sequence in eight parts with an Epilogue. Traduit (en francais) par Jean Poncet. Thonon-les-Bains, France:Alidades Bilingue. Bilingual edition french / english

Desmond Egan Poems in German

Egan. Desmond 1995. Poems Gedichte.
translated into German German. Germany: Verlag Karl Stutz. Egan. Desmond 1996.

Egan. Desmond 1998. Irish Poems Limited Edition of 20 German / English poems. Luxembourg: Editions Phi a Echternach.

Egan. Desmond 1999. Meine Geschichte der irischen Dichtung. An anthology of Irish poetry in German and English. Germany: Verlag Karl Stutz. Übersetzt von Martina Nolte unter Mitarbeit von Ulrike Borgman und Stephan Kohl (bilingual German and English).

Egan Desmond 2000 Válogaott VersekSelected Poems; Hungarian / English bilingual edition. (out of print).

Desmond Egan Poems in Italian

Egan Desmond 1997 Carestia Sequenza poetica a cura di Donatalla Abbate Badin; disegni di James McKenna. Edited by Donatella Abbate Badin Illustrations by Irish sculptor, James McKenna 41 pp. Bilingual Italian / English

Egan. Desmond1992. Quel Sole Storno Che Gelido Passa a cura di Giuseppe Serpillo. Traduzione a cura di: R. barone; Mary Pound de Rachewiltz; Alfredo Rizzardi; Giuseppi Serpillo; Rosalba Spinalbelli. Marino Solfanelli Editore (Italy). (out of print)

Egan. Desmond 1998. Poesie Scelte (translations into Italian) a cura di Marroni e Serpillo. Pescara, Italy: Editions Tracce.

Desmond Egan Poems in Russian

Egan Desmond 1999 Selected Poems translated into Russian by Maria Popova and Alla Savtchenko.

Egan Desmond 2000 Selected Poems translated into Russian bilignual edition Russian / English

Egan Desmond 9009: The Bronze Horseman. Selected Essays

Desmond Egan: Multimedia Publications

Egan. Desmond 1989. Audio Cassette: Desmond Egan: Poet's Choice. Newbridge, Ireland: Kavanagh Cassettes.

Egan Desmond 2002 DESpectrum. A multimedia production edited by Ivana Bozdechová. Music specially composed by Jan Hrubÿ. CD with bilingual readings of Egan's poetry by Desmond Egan; Jan Hruby; Ivana Bozcechová Jan Petmesil ; Toma's Karger. DESpectrum ; Published by Carpe Diem, Prague 2002.

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