Multilingual Translation Workshop

Multilingual Translation Workshop 2017

The Hopkins Festival - each year during the last week of July since 1987

Poem selected for 2017 Multilingual Translation Workshop:

God's Grandeur Download To seem the Stranger here

An innovative experiment

The Hopkins Festival Multilingual Translation Workshop is an effort to focus on the inspirational poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins. It is an effort to identify what is his enduring fascination for people of all languages, cultures and backgrounds while focussing on the precise meaning of his words, of his poetry. Visitors are invited to read the selected poem before they come. Ideally, they attempt to render it into their language, or into any language. Even a line of two is worth trying! The Workshop, under the wise guidance of a linguist, will guide to group to deepen their knowledge of Hopkins while enjoying a mostenriching experience!

This is How it Works

Each year, the Committee select one Hopkins poem for examination. Ideally, before arrival, our visitors
attempt a version of Hopkins in their own language(s). The Workshop is ably directed by a Hopkins
enthusiast, a linguist. The Workshop attracts visitors of all cultures and all backgrounds from scholars
who share their insights to participants in the Youth Programme.

After a three-hour Workshop, most participants feel that, at the very least, they understand one
Hopkins poem better than they ever imagined possible. In 2009, our Multilingual Workshop was very
abley directed by Aledsandra Kedzierska and we had wonderful participation from visitors from
Japan, Korea, Germany, Croatia, France, Czech Republic ... and of course, from Ireland.

Multicultural, multilingual and infinitely enriching

German version of "I Wake and Feel the Fell of Dark, not Day ..." translation by Edith Hallberg

German version " To R. B."translation by William Adamson

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