Riverside Walk 2017

A highlight of Hopkins Festival 2017 was our Riverside Walk, a delightful fieldtrip led by Michael Jacob.

Everyone enjoyed Poet Philip Brady's memories of other Hopkins Festival Fieldtrips.


Michael Jacob, naturalist, leads the Hopkins Fieldtrip and entertains us all.



Philip Brady, Poet,
Riverside Walk

Riverside Walk A heron, grey on his studio floor, heron
A rock protruding from the river;
Stone aged coat in an ice aged pose,
A camera zoomed across the Liffey.

The river grown sedate and turning
From blanket bogs of Tonduff mountain,
The dark pools gathered round Kippure
To make their way to Dubh-Linn Dublin.

The path divided right and left,
A lawn mature, demure with border;
Lost in time a flood plain struggled
In nature’s organised disorder. knapweed

A playful breeze turned Willows silver,
An Orchid shy, betrayed by fragrance,
The Sedge grass tied in strangled twine,
Convolvulus imposed embracing.

Beneath the Rowan tree almost blushing
Her hands were clasping nature’s flowers,
A Meadow Sweet, a Marguerite
A purple Knapweed snapped with Yarrow.

The heron leaving, wings unfolding
Undulating down the river, convolulous
Pictures fading, thoughts appearing
Reincarnations, fresh from the Orient.
















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