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Gerard Manley Hopkins


Newbridge College


Gerard Manley Hopkins

his interests

Poetry Painting Music The Arts Philosophy Conservation

and his mentor

John Henry Newman

dedicated to the memory of Artist, Wilhelm Föchersperger R.I.P.

Friday July 24th

2.00 REGISTRATION begins - please register online here for admission to all events
(Reception kindly supported by the permanent representative of the EU in Dublin)

Opening by

US Ambassador Kevin F. O'Malley

Distinguished guests include: Senator Bob Krist, (Lincoln, USA); Dr. Mark Thompson (Vice President Quinnipiac University, USA); The Mayor of Kildare, MCC; Conor Bowman (President The Gerard Manley Hopkins Society)
MC: Elaine Murphy

Music :Conor Mahony, Guitar

Art Exhibitions Opening

Artists: Wilhelm Föckersperger; Brian Bourke; Charles Cullen; Ann Quinn.
Opening: Desmond Egan

Artists: Eleanor Swan; James McKenna; Daniel Lipstein; Margaret Becker.

Opening: Adrian McGoldrick; MC Eleanor Swan

21:30 Hours Nightcap: O'Rourke's Pub (Main Street, opposite Xtravision)

Favourite Hopkins Poem
(visitors are invited to read a favourite Hopkins poem!)

Alan Riach (Scotland); Robert Smart (US); Sakiko Takagi (Japan); Jenny Adamson (Irl); Mary Parsons (Irl); Wil Adamson (Germany); Elaine Murphy (Irl); Mark Thompson (US); Jan Erik Rekdal (Norway); Andrew Delehery (US); Conor Bowman (Irl); Fathers Brian and Austin Doran - Fr Brian will read while Fr. Austin gives an interpretation for the Deaf; (California, USA); Portia Weston (US).

Music: Conor Mahony; MC Morgan McCabe.

Saturday July 25

9.30 hours Registration continues

Parallel Youth Programme begins. Check out the Youth Programme here . Director: Derek Egan.

9.45 hours Ceramic Workshop with ceramacist, Eleanor Swann; director: Derek Egan

11.30  hours  CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP: Desmond Egan. Participants should bring 25 copies of one poem, for critique.                                         
MC: Will Adamson (Uni. of Ulm, Germany)                                                                         

12.45  hours  Lunch: Judge Roy Beans (top of Main Street)

15.00  hours   ORIGAMI WORKSHOP conducted by Sakiko Takagi (Tokyo). 
Visitors welcome: tickets at the door.
MC: Mary Parsons

16.30 hours    GEORGE STREET EVENT (opposite Town Hall) 
Conor Mahony, Guitar

Who was Hopkins? Elaine Murphy
Two poems from: Alan Riach (Glasgow); Donald Gardner (Netherlands); Neil Donnelly; Shizue Ogawa (Japan); Philip Brady; Bruno Gaurier (France) and Desmond Egan  Music: Conor Mahony
Moderator: Conor Bowman  MC: Alan O’Neill

All welcome to this free Event!

18.00  hours    Dinner: Harrigans (Main St.) or An Chistin                                                                                                    
20.00 hours     CLASSICAL CONCERT. World-famous Swedish pianist, Hans Palsson.
        Beethoven; Haydn; Schubert; Mozart.See full Palsson Programme here
        Piano sponsored by Swedish-Irish Society: introduction by Mairéad Divilly.                                             
       After Concert: Presentation of The McKenna Arts Award for 2015.
MC: Morgan McCabe    Admission: €35 (tickets available here or, at door. You can also contact Hopkins Festival Administration)                                                                         

22.30  hours  Nightcap in Johnson’s on the Liffey

14.00 hours: Presentation and Lectures.

Presentation of The Newbridge Silver Award to Youngmin Kim (Dongguk University, South Korea)
Lecture: Spiritual Ecstasy in Hopkins's Poetry (Youngmin Kim)
Lecture: Only Connect - a Natural Anxiety (Jane Chilcott (UK)
Moderator: Robert Smart (Quinnipiac University, US).
MC: Elaine Murphy.

3.00 ORIGAMI WORKSHOP conducted by Sakiko Takagi (Tokyo) Visitors welcome: tickets at the door.
MC: Mary Parsons €


Tickets for Lectures / Workshops 10 euros each available here

Hopkins and Herbert: John Wallen (Oman)
Hopkins and Dante: Portia Weston (Point Park Uni, Pittsburgh)
Moderator: Alan Riach (Uni of Ulm. Germany) MC: Mary Rea

18.00 Dinner: Harrigans (Main St.


World-famous Swedish pianist, Hans Palsson Beethoven; Haydn; Schubert; Mozart

Pålsson Programme and Tickets (35 euros) here
Piano sponsored by Swedish-Irish Society; President: Paul Keane, Swedish Honorary Consul. Tickets €25 euros

After Concert: Presentation of The McKenna Arts Award for 2015 to Hans Palsson.

MC: Morgan McCabe
Admission: €35

22.30 hours: Nightcap in Johnson’s on the Liffey

Sunday 26th July N.U.I.Maynooth Day

10.30 MASS in Newbridge College Chapel.
Celebrant: Fr. Gregory O’Carroll O.P. Provincial, Dominican Order Organ: Peter Moloney;
Schubert's German Mass; Music by Lotti, Bach and Palestrina
The Gormanstown/Killcullen Choir
Lessons: Derek Egan; Elaine Murphy; Prayers of the Faithful: Eleanor Swan; Alan O’Neill; Mary Parsons; Morgan McCabe; Jenny Adamson.
After Communion: As Kingfishers Catch Fire read by Desmond Egan
MC: Elaine Murphy

11.45 Cars go to Newbridge Silver Showrooms. Short Tour of The Style Museum

12.30 Newbridge Silver STYLE MUSEUM

A Hopkins poem: Elaine Murphy; two poems: Patricia Cleary Miller (Kansas)
MC: Mary Parsons

Lunch in The Silver Restaurant (optional: pay at checkout).

Two poems: Shizue Ogawa (Japan);

14: 00 hours   Bus for Maynooth (names in advance to Mary Parsons) leaving from Newbridge Silver
Car Park and from St Conleth's Parish Church.  MC on trip: Mary Rea.

15.00 hours  Maynooth College. Welcome by Teresa Redmond (NUIM). Guided Tour of the Science Museum led by Dr. Niall McKeith, NUIM.

16.00 hours  Visit to College Chapel, with short recital on Organ by Peter Moloney.
Music: Bach and Boëllmann

17: 00 hours: Renehan Hall: power point presentation by Jeanne Morell Walsh (relation of Pugin)
MC: Jenny Adamson

17.30 hours Sherry Reception (Renehan Hall) sponsored by President Philip Nolan (NUI Maynooth).
Guitar: Conor Mahony
Two Hopkins poems: Dominick and Jane Chilcott (UK); two poems: Jenny Adamson and Philip Brady (Irl); Kevin McEneaney (US) MC: Teresa Redmond (NUI Maynooth).

18.15 hours  HOPKINS SOCIETY BANQUET 2015 (Pugin Hall).

Entry by ticket only (€35); booking in advance or from Jenny Adamson. Distinguished Guests include: Stuart Dwyer, Chargé d’Affaires, Embassy of USA; Jim Walsh, Vice-President, NUI Maynooth; Conor Bowman, President, The Hopkins Society.

Presentation of The Hopkins Society Achievement Award to H.E. Dominick Chilcott, Ambassador of U.K.

Masked Mystery: Con Cummins    MC: Derek Egan                                  
21 .00 hours    Bus leaves from Maynooth College Front Gate
22.00 hours  NIGHTCAP: Cummins’s pub Main Street Newbridge

Monday 27th July 2015

9.15     REGISTRATION for Visitors will continue each day.  Parallel Youth Programme: Director: Derek Egan.  Art Exhibitions open to public. (10% Deposit on sales)

10.00   LECTURES
Hopkins and the Bible Birthday Book: Ed Cohen (Rollins College, Florida, US)  
The Eyes of Hopkins and Emerson: Andrew Delohery (Quinnipiac University US)
Moderator: Mark Thompson (Quinnipiac University, US)   MC: Derek Egan

11.00  hours Coffee

11.50 hours  An Ancient Irish Craft: Introduction and Display by Máire Ó Conchubhair B.L.
Jesus - A Prophet Betrayed: James Mackey (TCD and University of Edinburgh)           
Moderator: Robert Smart (Quinnipiac Uni. US)  
MC: Elaine Murphy

13.00 hours  Lunch: Bistro (Limerick Street, opposite Pennys)

14.30 hours    LECTURES
Joyce’s Epiphanies - a Legacy for Hopkins: Robert Smart (Quinnipiac Uni. Hamden)

15.45: hours Famine Perspectives Christine Kinealy (Quinnipiac University US)
Moderator: Desmond Egan; MC. Elaine Murphy

16. 00 hours: Coffee

16.45 hours    LECTURES
To Sing Praise: Hopkins and Scottish Poets: Alan Riach (University of Glasgow)
Hopkins and the Classics: Gregory Baker (Catholic University, Washington DC)
What was Hopkins’s Favourite Poem? Lance Pierson (Hopkins Society UK)
Moderator: Portia Weston (Point Park Uni, Pittsburgh)    MC: Mary Parsons

18.00  hours   Dinner: Harrigans (Main St.)               

20.30  hours   FESTIVAL CLUB: O’Rourkes (Main Street)
Wilhelm Föckersperger Life and Art: Johannes Fockersperger, Landshut, Germany.
Four poems: Kevin McEneaney(USA); Alan Riach (Scotland); Prose by Conor Bowman
A Reading by Geoffrey Hill of The Wreck of the Deutschland (power point).
introduced by Gregory Baker (Catholic Uni. of US, Washington)  
DVD Film: Basil Bunting (1900 - 1985) introduced by Desmond Egan  
MC: Morgan McCabe

Tuesday 28th July 2015

10.00 hours  LECTURES
Hopkins and Dante: Portia Weston (Point Park University, Pittsburgh, US)
Bridges’ Prefatory Sonnet: William Adamson (Uni. of Ulm, Germany)  
Moderator: Dana Roeser (Purdue Uni, West Lafyette, Indiana, US.)
MC: Michael Jacob

11.00    Coffee

11.45   LECTURES
Instress: How Hopkins Crossed the Atlantic and Appeared Unto Berryman: Donald Platt (Purdue University)
Hopkins and the Homily: Brendan Staunton SJ  (Irl)  
Moderator:  Diarmuid Johnson (Wales)    MC: Elaine Murphy

13.00 hours    Lunch:Riverbank Cafe

14.30  hours   WINE RECEPTION courtesy, The Czech Embassy and H.E. Ambassador Hana Mottlova

The O’Connor Award and Baroda Cup, 2015: Philip Brady
Presentation by Yamada Yasuhiro, The Hopkins Society, Kyoto with
Conor Bowman, President, The Gerard Manley Hopkins Society
Two poems by Philip Brady and a short recital on Flute by Diarmuid Johnson (Wales)
The Kansai Hopkins Group: Yamada Yashuhiro   Moderator: Desmond Egan 
MC: Michael Jacob

16.15  hours   LECTURES
Hopkins’s Wales: Alan O’Neill (power point)
‘The stooks arise’: Harvest in Welsh Poetry: Diarmuid Johnson (Wales)         
Moderator: Donald Platt (Purdue University, US).    
MC: Mary Parsons            

17.30 hours     NB earlier time  DINNER: Harrigans (Main Street opposite Riverbank)

RIVERBANK  ARTS CENTRE, Main Street Newbridge.
Favourite Hopkins poem: Yamada Yasuhiro ( Japan);
Two poems by: Hopkins (read by Elaine Murphy); Patrick Kavanagh poem read by Jenny Adamson; a Rimbaud poem in French and English read by Christine Gaurier; a Paul Celan poem (original and translation) read by William Adamson
2 poems each by international writers: Alan Riach (Scotland); Sinéad Morrissey (UK);Donald Platt (US).
Jan Erik Rekdal (Norway); Patricia Cleary Miller (US); Diarmuid Johnson (Wales); Neil Donelly (Irl);Shizue Ogawa (Japan);
Michael Woods (UK); Philip Brady (Ir); Donald Gardner (Netherlands); Gregory Baker (US); Conor Bowman (Irl); Desmond Egan (Ir);
Music: Diarmuid Johnson (Wales);  MC: Elaine Murphy

22.00  hours Festival Club (Con Cummins Bar)
3 poems: Dana Roeser (US); Brian Arkins (Ir); Kevin McEneaney (US)
A little night music from Niamh Leahy; with Diarmuid Johnson
MC: Mary Parsons

WEDNESDAY 29th July 2015

10.00   Multilingual TRANSLATION WORKSHOP more about innovative multilingual translation workshop here
Workshop will focus on In the Valley of the Elwydownload text of In the Valley of Elwy here
Director: Diarmuid Johnson (Wales) with visiting translators and students
MC: Mary Rea

11.15 hours  Coffee

11.45 hours  TRANSLATION WORKSHOP continues

13.30  hours   LECTURES
The Coleridge Strain in Hopkins: Michele Draper (University of Paris); Hopkins and the Visual Arts:
Michael Woods (Malvern College, UK)    
Moderator: Fr. Joseph Sweeney (UK);  MC: Michael Jacob
THE HOPKINS SOCIETY AWARD, 2015: Fr. Joseph Sweeney (UK)        
Wine Reception

Hopkins and Longfellow: Antithetical Wrecks: Kevin McEneaney (New York)XXXX
Hopkins and Duns Scotus: Joseph Sweeney (U.K.)
Moderator: Brian Arkins (NUI Galway); MC: Alan O’Neill

17.00  hours  MEMORY TREE in College Grounds with Fr.  Joseph Dineen OP, Prior
Special remembrance: Wilhelm Fockersperger (Germany) also: Howard O’Connor (US); Michael Massey (Ir)
A poem by Kevin McEneaney, Michael Woods and Alan Riach 
MC: Desmond Egan
Group Photograph: Jim Kelly (KCWU, Washburn University)

18.00  hours DINNER: All Seasons Bistro (Limerick Street); or Hotel Keadeen

20.00  hours   TRADITIONAL IRISH MUSIC CONCERT Zoë Conway, with John McIntyre,
special guest: Justin Duane (tenor) accompanied by Conor Mahony; Niamh Leahy (fiddle) 
Bean a’ Tí: Fiona McLoughlin-Healy MCC.     Admission: €15

22.30 hours  Festival Club: Cummins’s Bar
Three poems: Jan Erik Rekdal (Norway); Neil Donnelly; Donald Gardner.
Poems in Irish: Derek Egan; Máire Nic Chonchubhair; Conor Mahony       
MCs: Derek Egan and Conor Mahony

Thursday 30th July 2015

10.00 LECTURES for 150th Centenary of Yeats’s Birth
Hopkins and Yeats: Brian Arkins (NUI Galway);
Some Poems of W.B. Yeats - a guided tour for students: Desmond Egan;
Moderator: Will Adamson (University of Ulm, Germany); MC: Derek Egan.

11.00  hours COFFEE

11.45 hours  LECTURES and LAUNCH
Hopkins and Dublin: Seán Bagnall; Hopkins’s Sermons: Bruno Gaurier (Paris) 
Launch of new translation of Sermons/ Predications by Bruno Gaurier: Viv Abbott  
Moderator: Lance Pierson  MC: Mary Rea 

13.00 hours  Lunch:Newbridge Silver Restaurant

14.15 hours  SYMPOSIUM
A resumé of Lectures; followed by a discussion led by Lance Pierson; Michael Woods; Brian Arkins; Alan Riach  
Moderator: Desmond Egan; MC: Michael Jacob.

(parents welcome to attend)                                           
Presentation of Bowman Award and of Student Certificates
Moderator: Derek Egan   MC: Mary Rea

16.45  hours   A WALK ALONG THE LIFFEY. Guided Tour by Michael Jacob; starting point: the Bridge Park. Names in advance to Mary Parsons. MC: Mary Parsons

19.00 hours    Dinner: Harrigans or Hotel Keadeen

20.30  hours   Transport from Riverbank Arts Centre to Hotel Keadeen

21.00  hours   RECEPTION and FESTIVAL CLUB: Hotel Keadeen; Bruno Gaurier (France): a Hopkins poem and translation; Riposte Poetry: 3 poems by Michael O’Flanagan (editor, Riposte); Christine Broe; Liam O’Meara; and guests. MC: Conor Mahony
FINALE: Everyone sings or recites!
Did you hand up your Questionnaire?

FRIDAY 31st JULY  2015

9.00      ART EXHIBITIONS: Closing at 11am.  Artists, please collect works; Purchasers may collect, on payment at Office.

12.30   LUNCH: Bistro (Limerick Street, opposite Pennys)

10.00 Mass: Gardiner Street Church, Feast day of St. Ignatius Loyola. All are welcome.
Celebrant: Fr. Donal Neary S.J.
Afterwards: Hopkins and The Spiritual Exercises: an Introduction by John Sullivan.
Shizue Ogawa will read a poem in English and Japanese; Elaine Murphy will read The RB;
Desmond Egan will read Hopkins in Ireland.  MC: Elaine Murphy

List of SPONSORS will be fully acknowledged at the Festival and in a separate List.
Sincere thanks to our Sponsors, without whom we could not continue.


Artistic Director  Desmond Egan; President  Conor Bowman; Administrator  Vivienne Abbott ;  Treasurer  Conor Mahony; Youth Programme  Derek Egan ;  Events Coordinator  Elaine Murphy; Music  Conor Mahony
Website  Viv Abbott ; NUI Maynooth  Jenny Adamson, Teresa Redmond; Visual Arts: Eleanor Swan, other events: Morgan McCabe, Michael Jacob, Mary Rea, Mary Parsons, Alan O’Neill
Consultants:   Will Adamson; John Hunter; Sakiko Takagi; Michael Allsopp; Miho Takahashi; Bruno Gaurier; Michael Woods; Robert Smart; Shane McGrath

Register here

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