Hopkins Youth Programme 2015









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Hopkins Youth Programme 2015

Saturday 25th July 9.15

9.15 Meet Derek Egan, (he's more handsome than this pic, but you can give me a better pic during the week and I will put it up) Fouonder and Director of Youth Programme and register.

Preview of the week’s programme - have derekyour questions ready!
Ceramics Workshop with Eleanor Swan (Ceramics Artist & Sculptor - see Visual Arts Exhibition)

11.00 Coffee with the Festival participants. Meet the visitors.

11.30 Creative Writing Workshop Dr. Desmond Egan (poet and author)

13.00 hours Lunch


14.00 Arts Expert)

16.00 hours End of Day 1 Programme

Sunday 26th July 2015

Maynooth Day – optional for students. If you are interested in coming along please give your name, to Derek, on Saturday.

14.00 .hours Bus for Maynooth College. Departure from Newbridge Silverware
15.00 hours Visit to The Science Museum, led by Dr. Niall McKeith
16.00 hours Visit to College Chapel . Short recital on Organ by Peter Moloney
17.00 hours Renehan Hall. Power point presentation on the Pugin style architure of St Patrick's and the Chapel by Jeanne Morell Walsh (relation of Pugin)
17.30 hours Reception in Renehan Hall (sponsored by NUI Maynooth President Philip Nolan).
Conor Mahony: Guitar; a song: Justin Duane (tenor)
Two Hopkins poems: H.E. Mr. Dominck Chilcott, UK Ambassador to Ireland and Mrs. Jane Chilcott;
a poem: Jenny Adamson; Philip Brady; Alan Riach

18.15 hours HOPKINS SOCIETY BANQUET 2015 (Pugin Hall)
Entry by ticket only (€35) – booking necessary in advance.

Monday 27th July 2015

10.00 hours Interactive Group Sessions: An Approach to Poetry – Session 1
Will Adamson (Head of English Dept., University of Ulm)
11.00 hours Coffee
11.30 hours Interactive Group Sessions: Creative Writing – Session 1
Will Adamson
12.15 Making Documentary Films – The view from behind the camera
Jim Kelly, award-winning filmmaker (KTWU TV Station, Kansas)
1.00 Lunch
14.00 hours Looking at Art – A guided tour of the Festival Art Exhibits led by Artist, Eleanor Swan

A Festival Highlight Songwriters Workshop
Frankie Lane

Frankie Lane: Singer Songwriter Workshop - with Conor Mahonyfrankie_lane

Not to be missed!
14.30 hours Words & Music Workshop Frankie Lane

Singer / Songwriter

Join Frankie Lane, one of Ireland's best-known performers and song-writer and get right down to what it is all about! . A traditional musician of international renown, Frankie is the original front man of the legendary Fleadh Cowboys. Read more about Frankie's star-studded singing career here.

If you need a ticket Songwriter Workshop Tickets €10 here

16.00 hours Finish
Tuesday 28th July 2015

10.00 hours An Fhilíocht don Ardteist

Derek Egan
(Irish tutor & Dept. of Ed. examiner)
11.00 hours Coffee
11.30 hours A Students’ Introduction to Hopkins and his Poetry Conor Mahony
12.00 hours Writing a Short StoryConor Bowman B. L. (President of the G. M. Hopkins Society)
13.00 hours Lunch
14.00 hours My Favourite Poem -- Students discuss their own favourite poem in the company of an international panel
14.45 hours Interactive Group Sessions: An Approach to Poetry – Session 2
16 .00 hours Finish

Wednesday 29th July 2015

10.00 hours Multilingual Translations Workshop (Choose a language)
– focusing on Hopkins’s poem In the Valley of The Elwy. The Valley of Elwy is available here
11.15 hours Coffee
11.45 hours Multilingual Translations Workshop (continued)
13.00 hours Lunch
14.00 hours Interactive Group Sessions: Creative Writing – Session 2
14.45 hours An Exploration of Shakespeare for the Leaving Cert. Jenny Adamson
(Licentiate, London School of Music & Drama)
16.00 hoursFinish

Thursday 30th July 2015

10.00 hours Hopkins and Yeats Brian Arkins (NUI Galway)
Some poems of W.B. Yeats – A guided tour for students Desmond Egan
11.00 hours Coffee
11.30 hours Reading Your Poem in Public Jenny Adamson
12.00 hours Interactive Group Sessions: An Approach to Poetry – Session 3
12.30 hours Sharing your poem with others
13.00 hours Lunch
14..00 hours Interactive Group Sessions: An Approach to Poetry – Session 4
15.15 hours Presentation of student awards and certificates – Parents welcome!
16.45 hours A Walk along the Liffey, led by Michael Jacob (Ecologist) - All are
welcome to come along.

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