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Most Viewed Hopkins Lectures mid April May 2016

StatsĀ (Webtrends and Google) for May 2015 show the wide range of Lectures visited by students and Hopkins enthusiasts everywhere.

Even more astonishing is the number for the total Archive visits during this period . These visits are for lecctures throughout the Archive. Probably few lectures published in hard copy are accessed so often! The genius of the web (and of Google!) is that they can deliver information almost instantly on a need to know basis. No trips to the library; no tedious queuning, waiting. Your lecture is delivered immediately to an avid reader.

(Apologies from your web editor: it is a while since this listing has been updated!!!!

The Hopkins Festival Committee are most appreciative of all our visitors who allow us to re-produce the fruits of their labours here. Thank you.

Lecture Title  
Hopkins Festival 2016 3145  
Overview of Hopkins Archive 720  
Desmond Egan: As ingfishers Catch Fire650  
Brian Arkins : Style in Hopkins Poetry (Studies)


William Adamson: Gerard Hopkins and Robert Bridges 515
Hank Edmondson: Flannery O'Connor, Hopkins and Silence


James McGonigal:Hopkins's Climb to Transcendence 160
Delia Fabborni Giannotti Nisbet: A Gerard Manley Hopkins and a Nun named Gertrude 145



Total other Archive Lecture pages viewed in April/ May 2016 : 5106

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