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Alphabetical Index of Hopkins Lecture Titles with Links to Lectures

This index comprises titles and links to 116 Lectures on topics related to Gerard Manley Hopkins, his life and interests. We wish to thank all our visitors over the years who have so generously contributed to this Hopkins Archive. In particular, the webmaster would like to thank Aleksandra Kedzierska of Marie Curie University in Lublin for her invaluable, practical help in compiling an earlier version of this indes. Thank you again, Aleksandra.

As kingfishers catch fire' - Theological Reading (Sakiko Takagi) read here

As Kingfishers Catch Fire'. . . Imagery (Desmond Egan) read here

Baudelaire, Hopkins, and Egan: Absence and Presence (Kevin T. Mceneaney) read here

Catholic Catholic Theory of Art, Aesthetics (Russell Murphy) read here

Christina Rosetti's "Escapist" Poems and Hopkins's "Heaven-Haven"(Kazuyoshi Enozawa) read here

Church in Juvenile Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins ( Aleksandra Kedzierska ) read here

Classical Chinese Poetry and the Poetry of GM Hopkins Compared (Hu Yun Yuan) read here

Clinical Psychology and Hopkins's Poems (Aidan Gregg) read here

Coleridge, Newman and Hopkins (Michael Raiger) read here

Communion of Saints and Hopkins ( Aleksandra Kedzierska ) read here

Correspondence between Hopkins and John Henry Newman (Catherine Philipps) read here

Childbearing and Creativity (Donatella Abbate Badin) read here

Critical Reception of Hopkins' Poetry in Twentieth Century Germany (Uwe Boker) read here

Czech Perspective on Hopkins Poetry (Ivana Bozdechova) read here

D e s i d e r a t a (Fr Thomas McCarthy OP) read here

Death of Gerard Manley Hopkins (Patrick Lonergan) read here

Digby Dolben and Hopkins's Poetry (Ciarain O Hare) read here

Dragon in the Gate - the Wreck of the Deutchland (Ciarain O Hare) read here

Dream and Vision in Newman and Hopkins (Michael Woods) read here

Duns Scotus, Hopkins, Poetry and Philosophy (Gerard Casey) read here

Eckhartian Echo in 'As Kingfishers Catch Fire.' (Eamon Kiernan) read here

Editing the Letters of Gerard Manley Hopkins (Catherine Philipps) read here

Elizabeth Bishop and Gerard Manley Hopkins (Ben Howard) read here

English Church in the time of GM Hopkins (Reverend Douglas Grandgeorge )read here

Epiphanies and Ecstasy (Fr Raymond Murray) read here

Eugenio Montale and Hopkins's Poetry (Lara Farrini) read here

Fancy in Hopkins's Poetry ( Kumiko Tanabe) read here

Feminist Possibilities in Hopkins's Poetry (Lesley Higgins) read here

Flannery O'Connor, Hopkins and Silence (Hank Edmondson) read here

French Catholic Novelist Julien Green Reading Hopkins - Mirror Effect (Michael Dwyer) read here

Gerard Hopkins and Robert Bridges read here

Gerard Manley Hopkins: A Contemplative Hero (Maria Lichtman) read here

Gerard Manley Hopkins's Spiritual Life (Elaine Murphy) Read here

Gerard Manley Hopkins - the Sermons (Bruno Gaurier) read here

GM Hopkins and French philanthropist, Albert Schweitzer - a French Perspective (Bruno Gaurier)
read here

GM Hopkins Sermons - Priest, Preacher and Poet (Bruno Gaurier) Read here

Hopkins and African Writers (George Elliott Clarke) read here

Hopkins and Hiberno English (Desmond Egan) read here

Hopkins Imagery: Physical or Metaphysical ? (Sakiko Takagi )read here

Hopkins in Dublin (Robert A Smart) read here

Gerard Manley Hopkins and Horace (Brian Arkins) read here

Gerard Manley Hopkins and Louis MacNeice read here

Gerard Manley Hopkins and Oscar Wilde read here

Gerard Manley Hopkins and Scotland (Alan Riach) read here

Gerard Manley Hopkins: a Japanese Perspective (Kazuyoshi Enozawa) read here

Gerard Manley Hopkins: a legacy to the twentieth century (Elaine Murphy) read here

Gerard Manley Hopkins and Thomism of Saint Thomas Aquinas (Myron Shibley) read here

Gerard Manley Hopkins and Transcendence (James McGonigal) read here

Gerard Manley Hopkins and Ursula Bethel (Peter Whiteford ) l read here

Gerard Manley Hopkins Critic read here

Gerard Manley Hopkins in Dublin (Robert A. Smart) read here

Gerard Manley Hopkins in Kildare (Norman White) read here

Gerard Manley Hopkins: Contemplative Hero (Maria Lichtman ) read here

Gerard Manley Hopkins's Misdirected Faith (David Axelrod) read here

Hart Crane, An Influence Study (Robert Smart) read here

Hart Crane and Hopkins, two Visionary Poets (Chantal Bizzini) read here

Hopeful Hopkins - was Hopkins in Ireland Manic (Desmond Egan) read here

Hopkins: a Japanese Perspective( Kazuyoshi Enozawa Keio University, Japan) read here

Hopkins : A Quantum Electrodynamic Interpretation (David Axelrod) read here

Hopkins and a Nun named Gertrude (Delia Nesbitt) read here

Hopkins and God - A View from Theology (James P Mackey ) read here

Hopkins and Hiberno English (Desmond Egan )read here

Hopkins and his Influence on African Writers (George Elliott Clarke )read here

Hopkins and his influence on Twentieth Century US Poets (Michael Dennison) read here

Hopkins and Musical Notation in his verse (Irene Kyffin) read here

Hopkins and St. Patrick's Breastplate (Kevin T. McEneaney) read here

Hopkins and the Breastplate of Saint Patrick (Sean Bagnal) read here

Hopkins and Walker Percy: Language Theorists read here

Hopkins and Walt Whitman: Mother Nature's Sons (Tamora Whitney) read here

Hopkins Discovery: Four Unknown Autograph Letters(Joseph J feeney) read here

Hopkins Imagery: Physical or Metaphysical ? read here

Hopkins in Ireland, was he Manic? read here

Hopkins's Climb to Transcendence read here

Hopkins, Aubrey DeVere, and New Historicism (Patrick Samway SJ) read here

Hopkins Poems in the Breviary (Robert V. Caro) read here

Hopkins, His Translators and Temporary Truths (Giuseppe Serpillo) read here

Hopkins, S.J., makes his Annual Retreat (Joseph Feeney SJ)read here

Hopkins: a legacy to the twentieth century

Hopkins's Correspondence with John Henry Newman (Joseph J. Feeney SJ) read here

Hopkins's European Mentors (Michael E. Allsopp) read here

Hopkins's Influence on Seamas Heaney (Brian Cosgrove) read here

Hopkins's Ireland: Early Christian Monasteries (Sean Bagnal) read here

Hopkins' Irish Exile and Terrible Sonnets read here

Hopkins's Terrible Sonnets - New Interpretaton (Peter Milward SJ) read here

How did Gerard Manley Hopkins pray? (Joseph J Feeney SJ) read here

I Do Otherwise: 'Hopkins's Patterns of Creativity' (Joseph J Feeney SJ) read here

Inscaping the Heart: A Study of the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins (Aleksandra Kedzierska) read here

Influence of Gerard Manley Hopkins on Ivor Gurney (Mark William Brown) read here

Irish Exile and Hopkins's Terrible Sonnets read here

Isadora Duncan Dance and Hopkins Imagery (Alica Bloch) read here

Irish Exile and Terrible Sonnets (Peter Milward SJ) read here

Jesuit Influence and Flannery O'Connor (Patrick Samway SJ) read here

Jesus of Nazareth a Prophet Betrayed (James P. Makey) read here

John Berryman and Gerard Manley Hopkins (Gerry Murray) read here

John Henry Newman and Hopkins (Angelo Bottone) read

John Henry Newman and Translation ( Ian Ker) read here

John Ruskin: Hopkins's Silent Don (Philip Ballinger) read here

Kansai Hopkins Society in Japan - Past and Present (Professor Yasuhiro Yamada) read here

Kingfisher Symbol for Hopkins and Later Poets (Lynn Cohen) read here

Levelling with God: Transcending Heights and Depths (Russell Murphy) read here

Lightness: a new Perspective on Hopkins (Joseph J. Feeney SJ) read here

Literature and Spirituality (Michael Dwyer)read here

Louis MacNiece and Gerard Manley Hopkins (William Adamson) read here

"Meaning motion "- Gerard Manley Hopkins with Heraclitus via Heidegger (Joanny Moulin) read here

Love in the Writings of Gerard Manley Hopkins (Duc Dau) read here

Monastic Ireland (Sean Bagnal) read here

Mariology in The Wreck of the Deutschland ( Aleksandra Kedzierska) read here

Thomas Hardy and Gerard Manley Hopkins (Meoghan Byrne Cronin ) read here

New Testament in Hopkins's Poetry (Patrick Samway SJ) read here

Norman White, Hopkins Biographer (Brian Arkins) read here

On the Road with Gerard Manley Hopkins (Sister Jeanne Crapo OP ) read here

“ Only Connect” – a natural anxiety in Hopkins’s poetry of landscape (Jane Chilcott) read here

Oscar Wilde and Gerard Manley Hopkins (Leonora Obed) read here

Patrick Kavanagh and Hopkins (Una Agnew) read here

Philology and Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins (Hugh Kenner) read here

Pied Beauty - Two Versions by Finnish Translator Kirsti Kunas (Riina Katajavuori ) read here

Poet as Prophet (James Mackey) read here

Poetics of Transcendence after Darwin (Evelyn Wilson) read here

Poetics of Work of Coleridge,Newman,and Hopkins read here

Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins compared to the Victorians (Hugh Kenner) read here

Poets Baudelaire, Hopkins, and Egan (Kevin T. Mceneaney) read here

Polish Poet, Cyprian Kamil Norwid and Hopkins ( Aleksandra Kedzierska) read here

Problems Reading Hopkins Poetry in 2001 (Francis Fennell) read here

Quantum Electrodynamic Interpretation of Hopkins Poetry (David Axelrod) read here

Reading Gerard Manley Hopkins and Jean Sulivan (Eamon Maher) read here

A Religious Poet in the Modern World (Cary Plotkin) read here

Representing the Material World: Hopkins and the Reality of Christ's Resurrection (Brian Arkins) read here

Re-reading the Wreck (Eamon Kiernan) read here

Rope imagery in Hopkins's later Poems (Kimiko Hotta) read here

Saint Augustine and Gerard Manley Hopkins (James Finn Cotter) read here

Saint Patrick and Hopkins: at a Third Remove (Ernest Ferlita SJ) read here

The Sea took Pity: Hopkins No. 173 (Ross Stuart Kilpatrick) read here

Self as Other in Hopkins (Peter Milward SJ) read here

Simile in the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins (Giuseppe Serpillo) read here

Saint Patrick's Breastplate and Hopkins (Kevin T. McEneaney) read here

State of the English Church when Hopkins Left to join the Catholic Church read here

Style in the Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins (Brian Arkins) read here

Tagore and Hopkins (Shymal Bagchee) read here

Teilhard de Chardin and Hopkins (Russell Murphy) read here

Terrible Sonnets,” An Articulate Scream? (Ciarain O Hare) read here

Terrible Sonnets - new Interpretation (Peter Milward SJ) read here

Towards a Poetics of Transcendence after Charles Darwin (Cary Plotkin) read here

Towards a Catholic Catholic Theory of Art and Aesthetics (Russell Murpphy) read here

Translations into Spanish of Gerard Manley Hopkins Poetry (Patrick Sheeran) read here

US Influence of Gerard Manley Hopkins on Ivor Gurney read here

Walker Percy and Gerard Manley Hopkins (Patrick Samway SJ) read here

Water Imagery in Hopkins's Poems (Aleksandra Kedzierska) read here

What was Hopkins’ favourite poem? St. Winefred's Well? (Lance Pierson) read here

Wisdom of Cardinal Newman (Thomas Norris) read here


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